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March 3rd, 2006

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Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan. This post by Tom McMahon is just plain amazing advice to live by.


  1. hellooo gregory! i don’t have your work e-mail so i haven’t been able to bore you to death with my recently-lengthy styled e-mails. you’re sly to have never given me your work e-mail…. = ) haha anyway i know you commented on one of my xanga blogs AGES ago. sorry for the late response….i hope all is well with you! of course mum gives me her take on everyone’s lives, so i have a general, minorly distorted, idea of what’s going on at the rushton household = ) drop me a line if you get this, from your TRUE e-mail address! laurenlynne {at} gmail(.)com i love you! see ya in a little-over-a-month (the countdown has begun!)

    Comment by yourdarlingsister — May 28, 2006 @ 8:56 am

  2. Hello Greg,

    I found my name on your blog. I was really happy to see your pictures on internet. I read your text about our holidays in England . I think I remember everything. I think that we also went together in the French Alps in Val d’Isère. If I remerber well, you were living close to Boston.
    You can of course get in touch with me. My email address is oliviermothe {at} mail(.)pf
    I live in Tahiti, French Polynesia. I quit Paris in 2003. I am married with a tahitian woman ang we have 3 children together (12/10/6).
    Hoping that you will write me back,


    Comment by olivier mothe — December 10, 2006 @ 5:56 pm

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